The Intersection of Art & Slavery

Take a walk through slavery in this compelling and riveting play of the same name, performed at the Billie Holiday Theater, written by Hollis King, and performed by him and and Carl Hancock-Rux. In A Walk-through Slavery, Hollis chronicles his emotional journey through the Door of No Return – Goree Island, Africa. A Walk-through Slavery…

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Creating Equity and Inclusion in the Arts

Dr. Tobie Stein breaks down the data on diversity in the performing arts and provides appalling

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Eli Kuslansky, artist, innovator and visionary

Toni Williams interviews her Art Movez_ co-host, Eli Kuslansky, about the life and times of this extraordinary Brooklyn-born new media entrepreneur and artist, as he talks about the intersection of the visual arts with technology, and what it means to be at the cusp of a new renaissance.

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