Art Movez Virtual Website Launch

First of all thank you all for supporting the Art Movez_ Virtual Website Launch. Unfortunately we were unable to finish the program because Verizon went DOWN. We tried a new link and it went down again. So, we’re going to do anArt Movez_ 2.0 Virtual Launch so you can see the other 60 minutes, so please stay tuned for the new date and time. Stay strong, and be stay safe.Thank you to all of our guests, Dr. Indira Etwaroo, Dr. Tobie Stein, Charlotte Cohen, Marina Celander, Jonathan Sparks for bringing your talent to the show. We’ll be hearing from Cey Adams, and Audrey Anastasi on the next Installment. Check out our podcasts in the Episodes tab.

Posted by Art Movez Podcast on Thursday, June 11, 2020